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The Touraine region is renowned for its simple and healthy cooking, enjoyable wines and relaxed way of making the most of life. Let’s try some delicacies.


The numerous specialities match perfectly with the Chinon red wine.


Among the various culinary delights, let’s try the ‘rillons’ (pork bites), the black truffle from Richelieu, the ‘rillettes’ (potted meat) from Tours, Loire fish (eels, zander, shad, mullet, lamprey…) seasoned with a pinch of Touraine saffron. Regarding cheeses, the star is the ‘Sainte Maure de Touraine’, a goat cheese to taste with a ‘fouace rabelaisienne’, a small brioche baked with honey and spices.


As a dessert, try the ‘tarte vigneronne’ (the wine grower pie), a fine apple pie with red wine jam. Another surprising local speciality comes from the village of Rivarennes : the ‘poires tapées’ (dried pears).


Finally, taste the ‘claquedent’, a fine chocolate bearing a portrait of François Rabelais, best savoured with a glass of apple or grape juice.




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